Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week Wrap Up With A Bow

Monday, June 2
Had a girls' night in~ Dinner made by me, movie suggestion + appetizer from one dear friend & can't forget desserts which another dear friend bought over :D 
It would have been perfectly fine with just eating, chatting about the usual or new things & watching a movie but I thought why not make it a tad different & more special? So I made up a questionnaire sort of thing. Folded papers of 40 something questions in a jar for each of us to randomly pick out, answer & discuss.

Pick a Q, any Q

And these questions would be in regards to various times in life that passed or current or keeps recurring, our feelings, any realizations, personal things that we would be willing to open up & share. 
I think when it comes to friends, friendships, relationships… it's important to work & brush up on the "core". The core that started it all & kept love ones together. Even though you may think you know your friends 110% or you grew up with them, people change. Our thoughts, views, wants, dislikes, etc evolve. Learning things about others & even yourself is truly a lifetime process. 

Tuesday, June 3
The morning after, mini red velvet cupcake (one of the desserts from last night)

Wednesday, June 4
Homemade guacamole. Chips & dip for one

Thursday, June 5
Was never a breakfast kind of person until lately. Breakfast to me was more like a meal you had to eat because you just had to, a meal that was forced. Especially during school, it was meal that was for the most part rushed every morning & for "better concentration". Now, I take full advantage of that time where I have my food at the early part of my day & when I think about the things I should do for the rest of my day. I call it, my breakfast of solitude ;)

(Image source- en.wikipedia.org)

Friday, June 6
Who else has Netflix & what do you enjoy watching on Netflix?? Because I've been getting pretty bored with the shows that were available to me. I still love watching, Everybody Loves Raymond but that's more for right before I go to sleep. I tried out random shows here & there and they weren't my style. Some shows which had way too many things going on, over the top unnecessary drama, forced plots & actions and the worst of all, horrible actings. Until thank the heavens of television, my boyfriend who knows me all too well with the things I like suggested- Murder, She Wrote.     

(Image source- huffingtonpost.com)

I am once again a very happy customer of Netflix! There are over 200 episodes to satisfy my needs for the no frills mystery + crime solving & to consistently adore Angela Lansbury who portrays, Jessica B. Fletcher! 

Saturday, June 7
For the weekends, my boyfriend & I love to try out new recipes and improve our cooking skills. This past weekend, he made German potato salad! 

Really hard to believe that it was his 1st time making this because it was absolutely delicious~~~

Sunday, June 8
Sundays are for us to chill out & sometimes do house chores like laundry. 

A start to feeling refreshed with clean, oh so good smelling clothes

Thank you for appreciating my posts of past weeks filled with the little things, new things & special things :]

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  1. Dear Hanna,
    I really like the idea with the questions that you have to pick! I want ty try this one day with my friends :) I also really crave for a cupcake right now, after seeing your picutre of one. I had the best velvet cupcake ever in Brooklyn :)

    1. Danke, Larissa =) I hope that when u do this questionnaire w/ ur friends, u'll have a lot of fun! Actually, never had red velvet cupcakes from any shop in Brooklyn… do u remember the name of the place?

  2. I think the Q & A game with the girl friends is such great way to spend time together! Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy and feeling content and fulfilled! These are emotions money can't buy <3

  3. Aw, the question jar is such a cute and creative idea! :-) I really need to try these with my friends one day. I agree that working to maintain your "core" is really important, and for me, I've had a few times in my life where the people closest to me ended up changing for the worst and I lost a few good friends. However, that doesn't mean I shouldn't appreciate the people I have in my lives right now, however!

    Hehe, that's so funny that you weren't really a "breakfast person" before! I've always been a breakfast girl at heart. Breakfast > dinner for me! I will even gladly eat an omelette and pancakes for dinner!

    Runaway In LA

    1. Thanks so much for ur awesome feedback, Kelsey :D

  4. Another great weekly roundup post! First off, that game idea sounds amazing for a great group of friends to get even closer and to have fun, lively discussions. I play similar games with a good group of friends on NYE to reminisce about our year; also, we have games nights that are so much fun (like Taboo, Mafia, and other group games)! And mmmm those foods looks so good, esp the nachos and the red velvet cupcake :)

    Also, I used to watch Murder She Wrote all the time when I was younger, as well as Mrs Maple and other British crime mysteries series (my fam were and still are obsessed with that genre). If you like that show, you might like the long running show Midsommer Murders (I swear every big British star started out acting on that show at some point)-- it's pretty good!

    xx Debbie


    1. Thank u for the show suggestions :D I can't get enough of Murder She Wrote & so happy that I have a long way to go to even finish this series!

  5. hallo my friend! missing you so much!
    fantastic photos as Always descriving so good your life!

    1. Hi, Nicky! So happy to see u back ;)

  6. guacamole is one of my faveeee treats!

  7. I love this weekly round up idea!

    Looks like you ate well :)

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  8. i just finished watching 8 seasons of law & order. it started with the first show airing in like 1990. it was so fun to watch how technology grew with the show!! along with how women and people of color grew in prominence with respect to characters. they held such minor roles in the beginning! i was so angry that netflix didn't carry seasons 9+! i'm still trying to figure out how to watch the later seasons. i also tried watching twin peaks but couldn't get into it. the cheesy background songs was just toooo much. i love old shows though - i so remember angela lansbury from murder she wrote :D and yes to guacamole! i think i'll make some next week! along with potato salad! i've been meaning to make them but kept forgetting to buy the ingredients! yours looks delicious!!

    1. I can never forget abt, Law & Order, esp SVU! Sometimes I can watch eps after eps whereas other times, I take breaks in btwn by checking out lighter TV series. I think Hulu or Hulu plus has seasons 9?

  9. This Q&A is such a great idea! I can't remember when I last did any laundry myself... must be almost a year ago!

  10. You just give me a fabulous idea, next Friday I have girl Party at my house, and I will try this game.
    Awesome post

    1. Thank u~ Happy to hear that I helped =]

  11. Which movie did you watch? :D xx