Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week Wrap Up With A Bow

Monday, May 26
Received a small but full of meaning gift from my boyfriend, Lou. A lucky charm from Kinokuniya bookstore. A charm that is placed on the desk/table that I sit at for the most part of the day.

A cute & very happy looking tiger (my Chinese zodiac sign) or we think it's a tiger? If not then it's a chubby, happy wannabe tiger… cat.  

Yup, that is the face of a lucky one

Tuesday, May 27
My package from Bath & Body Works arrived.
Stocked up on more Eucalpytus Mint candles

As well as hand creams! I'm currently using the True Blue Spa one 1st out of the 3 & I'm lovin' it!

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Wednesday, May 28
Watched, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 while having dinner. I saw the 1st one & I thought it was fairly cute & funny so when I saw that Netflix had the 2nd one out recently, why not? 
If you're like me who has a soft & giddy spot for all things adorable then watch this film! The beginning is slow & feeling dragged on until the middle til the very last end~ There were so many word plays with food which were cheesy but then again had you chuckling. AND one of the food characters- "foodimals", Barry will bring out the awwws & urges to rewind the scenes where Barry is the star!

Thursday, May 29
After instant & easy considerations and numerous proofs… out of us 2, my boyfriend makes the most delicious eggs. From flavorful omelets to the most fluffy scrambled eggs to the perfectly "medium well done" yolks!  

Friday, May 30
A bowlful of pineapples before running off to buy another pineapple for the weekend + upcoming new week.

Do you guys make a grocery list every week or just wing it? It became a habit for me to make a list so that I don't forget anything plus to prevent myself from going over the budget. Pineapples have been consistently on that list for quite some time now so I don't bother scratching it off. 

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Saturday, May 31
Yahoooo for Derek season 2!! It's such a shame, a real big shame that each episode is only 20 something minutes long & the # of episodes per season just isn't enough. Simplicity at its' best, packed with too many emotions & meanings. 

Sunday, June 1
A Brioche French Toast kind of Sunday

I used to make French toast with just any bread that I had at home until the change to Brioche and what a huge difference! 

Drizzled with 100% maple syrup & toppled with fresh sweet blueberries makes a mouthwatering brunch at home. 

It took awhile to come to the point for me to say, don't dwell on the past. 
The past hurts, regrets & should have beens. 
Dwell on the fun & special times you had. Redo, share & thank them! 
And really, happiness is only for you to judge. 

What are you looking forward to the most for this summer?