Thursday, May 29, 2014

Resolution Check Off- BBG, You're A Natural

Jingle bells & being good for Santa

These were really….. black

What are your favorite flowers? I do love the general romantic flowers like, roses but I wouldn't say they are my favorite. Sunflowers are definitely one of my favorites though!

I fall in love over & over again ;)

Thank you & I shall

A wicked Bonsai tree, Fudo
Seeing this up close & personal gave me the goosebumps

Bonsai tree heaven~~

I wanted a Bonsai tree for our place but after reading about its' somewhat difficult care, I passed. But they truly are impeccable plants.

And, the 2nd part on my visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden!
The fact that this is only a train to another train ride away makes me quite happy.