Monday, April 21, 2014

I Freakin' Hate Mondays

Oh! It's freakin' Monday again!

Tip #17- Plan out the weekend already, look forward to it & this week will pass by like a breeze~

How are you with making plans for whichever days, occasions, weekends, etc? Are you the planner + organizer or the one who doesn't see the need to make plans until the day of or the one who expects the plans to be ready for you??

I am a huge fan of making plans & organizing events! For me, it's a whole lot of fun! It depends on the event of course but generally, I very much enjoy being the one to research on the places to go back to, to try out, & suggest to others. It's even nicer & a tad easier for me when I hear suggestions from others on what they prefer to do, their preferable time frame to meet, any reasonable feedbacks… because sometimes, you don't want to be the one to always plan out and/or hear complaints from those who didn't bother planning at all.

Don't get me wrong though! I'm also a fan of being spontaneous ;) When you have those unexpected successes from last minute calls on new places & activities... they turn out to be more fun, memorable & simply priceless. But then again, having spontaneous highlights around a planned out schedule (what can I say, I'm a planner) is even better just in case.

Within my group of friends, I'm the planner of hangouts, even for those coffee dates since you gotta pick a cafe right & for my past birthdays so far. It's a great feeling when we all gather and do the reliable old & new things together. Of course, it's not always rainbows & butterflies… there are those times of frustration from coming up with plans that everyone would be content with, some people wanting to just "wing" it & some expecting for special & fun things to do.

Perhaps it's better to just sit back, relax and rely on others to do the planning sometimes? I've had one friend say to me, "Hanna, just go with the flow", after I asked where we would be going for dinner. And this friend eventually became someone who was too warped up with his/her life & M.I.A. I guess we missed the concrete agreement in our lives to be the friends we used to be.

Here's my view when it comes to planning. Taking the time & effort to come up with locations and things to do are values of considerationappreciation & importance of the day. It's showing consideration & appreciation to those who took time out from their own schedules to be with you. And let's say it's your turn or you took the responsibility to organize something but you decide to go with the flow… that is a lazy excuse, an I don't care situation plus no respect to family & friends who were looking forward to that day.

You might say that you suck at planning & you were usually the one who depended on others for plans but really, it's not hard to go online and look for things to do! Or suggest to others on the things you like to do & eat. It's a GIVE & TAKE. It takes (at least) two to… plan.

Especially on this Monday, I am more excited to plan out this weekend~! This coming Saturday is when my boyfriend, Lou & I began our relationship six years ago :D and we will be celebrating all throughout this weekend. Gratefully, our weekend of celebration will be starting from Friday morning! Here's what we kind of planned so far~~~

(Image source- Ladym)

Our choice of cake to celebrate: Green tea mille crepes cake from Lady M

(Image source- grandbudapesthotel)

Finally watch The Grand Budapest Hotel before it goes out of theaters

Dedicate one day from this weekend to head over to Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Admire at & take loads of pictures of Cherry Blossoms and... 

… other beautiful flowers & plants. Going all the way to Brooklyn this weekend will be a challenge though so we shall see! If not, we will go when all the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. 

(Image source- huffingtonpost)

It's been awhile since we shopped at Trader Joe's. I'm missing their grapes & the English Cheddar with caramelized onions!! 

(Image source- thiswastv)

We're going to attempt new recipes along with cooking each other's requests for our meals

(Image source- washingtonpost)

Maybe try to squeeze in some baking

(Image source- thiswastv)

Have plenty of eatings together

What are your plans for this weekend?

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  1. Ooooh, the grand budapest hotel is so good! That sure makes every monday better :)

  2. It's a holiday today on my city, so, it's a fun monday! lol!!!
    Julie |

  3. Haha I know what you mean, sometimes I feel with some of my friends that I am the one doing all the planning, which can be stressful especially when you are busy. But with other friends it is a definite give and take.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  4. I normally only start thinking about the weekend on Wednesday lol. I work almost every Saturday so my weekend is Sunday and sometimes middle of the week. I'm like you, am the planner amongst my friends otherwise nothing ever gets done haha :)

  5. oh i am all about the planning and organizing.. i can't function without making a list

  6. sounds like some good times are to be had soon. happy anniversary!

  7. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I like to plan one evening and be spontaneous the other night. Kind of in between!

  8. 6 years! how wonderful. and i love how you are going to dedicate the weekend to celebrate! Have a grand time!! And congrats! :)

  9. Can I please get a piece of this green cake?
    There is one thing I don't understand- if you are a writer (which is super cool by the way!!!) why do you hate Mondays so much? I imagine being a writer as sitting in your living room the whole day, drinking tea and writing and thinking ;-)
    J and I are also always celebrating our anniversairies and I love those special weekends :)!!!
    Lots of love!

    1. Danke Larissa! I don't really hate all Mondays but when I do, I hate the start of it for a little bit hehe. It's fun for me to make these tips for Mondays & I'm hoping they will somewhat help others ;)

  10. NIce post, i saw the movei too.
    My plans, hm, I would love to go dancing! Dont ask me where lol :)

  11. This pie looks good.
    Julie |

  12. i miss trader joes!!! and that green tea crepe cake looks sooooo yummy!!!

    Animated Confessions

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  14. I am a total planner too! :)

  15. Amiga belas imagens amei.
    Venha participar do sorteio de um ano do blog

  16. wow! sakura! :) love that cake too! looks so yummy :) i plan to edit photos for the blog. i'm so behind schedule :(

  17. I love planning though I'm not as obsessive as I used to be. This weekend I'm travelling to Copenhagen!

  18. My plan is to work on Saturday and chillax on Sunday! I really want to watch more series this weekend hehe <3

  19. I really want to see Grand Budapest, I have heard great things!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes