Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pho (For) "Fuh", Slurp!

Pho Bang Restaurant

Where your to go's & pick ups are

Always bustling atmosphere

The quick & brief menu under the glass tops of every table in the restaurant

All of the essentials for your Pho experience- utensils, napkins, & condiments! The up to your choice / customization of adding on more flavors into your food. Having your food all the more satisfying~

My big loyalty for Sriracha. By the way, there's a documentary on Sriracha which I need to watch ;D

The person I want to eat my Pho with forever, phosho <3

More essentials for your Pho- lime, bean sprouts, & basil leaves

We have to order their crunchy delicious spring rolls every time with our orders. They give you sweet & tangy fish sauce to dip these spring rolls in, complimenting the rolls so well. A majority of the the dry food orders come with this sauce on the side. 

What I order all the time! #11 large, meats well done

What my boyfriend usually likes to order- Pork chop over rice

Perfectly seasoned & grilled but still juicy inside pork chops, fresh crunch from the cucumber & tomatoes on the side & of course fish sauce to flavor up these chops even more. 

Almost coming to an end

All done & already planning on my next Pho fulfillment here!

Oh! Pho, Pho, PHO… how could I ever say no to Pho? Pho is 1 of my top favorite foods which obviously I can never pass up. It doesn't matter what time (11am - 10pm please :P), when, or which season it is… you call me out for Pho and I'm there! 

This restaurant review is a bit different than the ones I've done so far here in my blog actually. It's the restaurant that I go to a lot & the only restaurant that fulfills my constant cravings for Pho. 

I am so happy & relieved that I have a place that serves the best Pho in my opinion & for my tastebuds. It would have sucked if I had to hop around restaurant to another restaurant looking for that great big bowl of Vietnamese noodles to settle down with. So Pho Bang, cảm ơn!

Address--- 41-07 Kissena Blvd Flushing, NY 11355

Reservations--- No reservations! They're pretty old-school with how they run this restaurant. Sometimes you may have to wait for a little, never long though like you would for a common restaurant in Manhattan! And sometimes if you don't mind you can sit with others. They have big round tables where strangers all sit together respectfully to eat on their own.

Interior--- The complete opposite of modern. A rustic feel with an unpretentious & familiar setting. Reminds me of how NY started out back in the day & more specifically- Chinatown, Manhattan. I love dining locations like Chinatown because it's no fuss, no muss. You're not coming here to be impressed by the restaurant's interior, you're coming only for the great affordable food they serve you. 

Dress code--- Pho Bang is located in the heart of Main Street, Flushing which would be considered a low-key but a crowded area. Main St is always packed with people who live there for the fine conveniences to all, people who go there to run errands like purchasing groceries or going to the post office, & those who hang out with no frills. And usually when we're only running errands, we wouldn't be dressing up. Whether it be coming to this restaurant after your errands or for hanging out, casual dressing would be the 1st choice!

Type of food--- Vietnamese! Different choices of Pho, some dry noodle dishes, different types of meat over rice… also Vietnamese strong coffee & desserts.

Service--- Almost all of the waiters here are late in their age. Do not expect sociability or a good measure of amiability here. Most importantly, you will not be getting any attitude or lack of service! Once a waiter sits you down, he will be waiting right there by your table with a notepad in hand. Don't be offended at all by this, I take it as them being attentive & happy to place your order right away :) Cups of tea or iced water & a plate of the essentials (lime, bean sprouts, & basil leaves) are swiftly placed in front of you. Every table has the set of condiments, however amount of napkins you need, & a good amount of utensils for you to pick out that you think is cleaner than the other... all you need to wait for is the food~ Get your utensils on top of a napkin next to you, exchange a few sentences at first with the person or people you came with, and your food is out quick & ready for you to enjoy. Even though the food comes out pretty quick, I never got my Pho lukewarm (which I distaste!). 
As for paying, there's a check on the table already there for you & when you're ready, you pay at the cashier & leave the tip on the table if you didn't leave one before you went up. 

Highlights--- Pho! Never stingy with the noodles or the broth in a bowl. The broth that comes out hot every time & warms your soul every time. If you think their Pho is awesome, try the over the rice dishes! Both the dishes are so good that sometimes you can't choose to order that day. 
Their spring rolls that you consistently have to order whenever you come to dine because the 1st time trying them was that good. Lastly, the quick service!

Warnings--- A major heads up! Do not expect a clean restaurant. It may appear a bit grimy to some so it's not tolerable for them. Others don't mind & just come solely for the food. As I mentioned that the service is quick, the cleaning after when the customers are done is also quick. You will see a worker bringing a cart around for the garbage. You never know if the garbage cart might be next to you or near you so I would suggest not looking at it & keeping your bag or jacket away from it. At least they don't leave the cart outside where everyone else is eating, they place it in the back after cleaning up a table. 
All the years that I've been here, I have never seen roaches or anything questionable around me OR in my food so this place remains A-ok for me! 
Also another heads up, cash only.

Suggestions--- Ask me what to order, I automatically say Pho. But if you're more of a rice person then either pork chop over rice or cubed beef over rice. Of course, don't forget the spring rolls! If you have a big appetite or you're pretty hungry that day especially then ordering the spring rolls is a must. 
Two tips on getting the best out of eating Pho (just in case for anyone who hasn't tried them yet, I too have been doing these recently) - 1. The spring rolls come with lettuce & mint on the side. I used to always eat mine just by itself until I gave in to eating the spring roll wraps that my boyfriend always tried to give me. And thankfully I did! Wrapping a spring roll inside a lettuce with a mint leaf tastes a whole lot better than by itself. It's like a spring roll salad :]
2. There are also small little plates on the table for you to squeeze out your favorite condiment onto or to mix condiments together. Try hoisin sauce & Sriracha together! Dip the meats you get in your Pho into this sauce & not only is the meat flavorful with the broth but even more delicious with the added on sauce. 

Overall experience--- To come back or to never come back…? I'm pretty sure the owner & workers know my boyfriend & I and our orders by now ;) Will be going back for more!