Friday, November 22, 2013

Not Half, Whole Foods

Haven't we all had those feelings of being broke & down & compared to when people around us made a lot more $ than we did or had? And it becomes more of a sensitive issue when the friends we always hung out with wants to do all sorts of hangouts that require $$$ to be spent. When we can't afford to do those things, we just feel left out & worry if our "brokeness" would burden the friendship & change it.

Gosh when did $ become such a huge factor to have fun?? It might have even started way back in junior high school when being free spirited outside with good company wasn't cutting it anymore. When telling your buddies to meet you at the park or at the corner deli becomes "ghetto" or "cheap" and these low-key type of hangouts were never to be suggested again so they eventually diminished. Can you imagine calling out your friends now just to chit chat at the neighborhood park?… Actually that doesn't sound so bad, does it? Hahaha. It would be like an impromptu little picnic in the fall :D Bring out the coffee in a tumbler & a warm blanket!

We think that as we get older, $ might not be the problem anymore in order to have fun but that's certainly not the case. Some of us have trouble finding that perfect job, some of us might have quit to follow our dreams :), & some of us might have got fired and are looking for a much much better place where they'll accept our working integrity (that's their loss!). So, how about finding more things to do that's within everyone's budget & is quite worthwhile to do?

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How about hanging out in Whole Foods? Yes I did say hanging out & not only just grocery shopping at Whole Foods! Whole Foods is simply more than just the everyday market where you only go in, place all of your needed produce & necessities in a basket or cart, pay for them, & be out.

It's the wonderful market where we…

- Stroll around leisurely checking out everything that Whole Foods offer! From organic foods to organic body care products.

- We feel motivated & encouraged to have a healthier & cleaner diet. Looking at all the colorful fresh veggies & fruits gets us thinking to change our eating habits.

- Stay a little too long near all the baked goods- cookies, pastries, various loaves of bread, cakes :]

- Get our caffeine fix for the day & go sit in the many available seats on one floor. Never being rushed out or leaving a tip on the table.

- Breathe in the lovely aromas of the beautiful flowers in their "green thumb" aisle as I like to call it. Or being tempted to bring a lush plant back home to take care of & let it grow on~

- Cannot resist to check out every food & I mean every food at their food bar! Then scooping up new foods & favorite ones in the brown carry out box.

The list can go on & on which is why hanging out at Whole Foods can take up a big part of your day when you're not in a hurry. I usually go to the Whole Foods at Union Sq or on Bowery but, it's so great that NYC has so many Whole Foods locations that we can go to!

These are only a few highlights that I took of from whichever location. If I were to post all of the best things from Whole Foods, it would seriously become a 5 part special posts sort of thing!

Iced coffees for some laid-back strolling around in Whole Foods. If you ever want a break from the same old chain coffee brands like Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, getting your coffee from Whole Foods is worth the try!

If you enjoyed your coffee then you can pick your preferable choice of coffee from these many barrels of different beans! Sniff, read the descriptions, & scoop!

An apron for mama

And a baby apron

Always fascinated by these Ostrich eggs! They're really huge & heavy. Has anyone ate it before?

Adorable petite bouquets! So pleasing to the eye :)

Just like sunflowers, daisies are always happy mood flowers to me

Can't help it, I love flowers!

A fresh start to any day~ assorted fruits & 100% Raw Coconut Water

So far, the best coconut water brand. It's a bit pricey though!

The Whole Foods on Bowery has a Jamba Juice upstairs & the one at Union Sq has a Jamba Juice right around the corner. A wheatgrass shot for the boyfriend.

The best of the best- the food bar~! Fruit, salad, & hot foods (Indian food) bar.

My favorite! Indian food mMmmMm

Our late lunch, early dinner… guess we were a little too hungry

If you suggest checking out Whole Foods & having a meal there to your friend(s) but they say it's kind of lame then find that perfect, not uptight friend/boyfriend/girlfriend to go with for a wholesome time!