Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fishing At Wahoo's

Ready to try my 1st fish tacos

Looking forward to it...

Pretty hip & chillaxin' place

Hang loose ;P

Free chips & salsa to start you off

The salsa was bland & the chips were stale. At least they were free.

Lots & lots of stickers everywhere! 

Yummy? Ehh not really

It was cool that the place had a pinball machine

The bf grabbed the chance to play while we waited for our food

Our order- Maui onion rings, The Kahuna Grande, & 2 cajun fish tacos

The cajun fish tacos looked good but the taste wasn't

For The Kahuna Grande, you get to pick either a taco or enchilada. You also get 3 taquitos, rice & beans, and sour cream & guacamole on the side.

Before eating at Wahoo's, I never had fish tacos! We decided to get them at Wahoo's after checking out their Mexican, Brazilian, & Asian inspired menu. Wahoo's is a chain restaurant, originally from Orange County, California.

We weren't hesitant to try it out just because it was a chain. Some chains do give you that satisfying goodness at times. After having Wahoo's and other fish tacos elsewhere, I now know which ones are the good & bad. Eating at Wahoo's made me realize why chain restaurants aren't the most ideal again. 

Address--- 333 Park Ave S New York, NY 10010

Reservations--- Nope, no need

Interior--- A laid-back atmosphere. A mix of tables & wooden booths. There's also a small bar in the front. 

Dress code--- Very casual! Definitely not a place for 1st dates or special occasions. 

Type of food--- Tacos, enchiladas, burritos... meat, fish, and veggies. Supposedly all with a Mexican, Brazilian, & Asian twist that I mentioned before.

Service--- In the daytime, there's no waitering service. The time that we went, our waiter was quite helpful. He asked us if it was our 1st time there & he suggested a couple of things. The food took awhile to come out. 

Highlights--- The helpful service & us not being rushed at all. The Maui onion rings were the best from what we ordered. And there are free refills on soft drinks. 

Warnings--- Our tacos were cold & flavorless! The taquitos from The Kahuna Grande were hard and burnt. 

Suggestions--- Would be good for the guys to come, hangout, and relax with drinks. This isn't the place where the food makes you want to come back over again. 

Overall experience--- To come back or to never come back...? Coming back is doubtful!