Friday, May 24, 2013

Hot dogs Please, Arigato!

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Heck to the yes

Their signature hot dog- Terimayo

Their Tonkatsu hot dog. Tonkatsu- breaded pork cutlet that is deep fried. Sizzle sizzle

Shichimi & Garlic fries. Shichimi- 7 flavor chili pepper (red chili pepper, ground sansho- sichuan pepper, roasted orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger, & nori- seaweed)

mmMmm mMm

...then the delicious aroma got me too excited

Not even a fry or scrap of topping in sight

The story goes for Japadog is a Japanese couple who moved from Japan to Canada with a dream to have a famous food stand in 2005 at Vancouver. It was just the couple working alone at first day & night through all seasons. They became more publicly noticed in 2007 & hired more employees. And from then on to 2011, they gradually expanded their food stands and gained recognition. In a nutshell, Japadog now has 4 stands & 5 store locations! Their 1st global store is here in NY.

Don't you love success stories like that? It inspires us to keep on trying with the knowing that success comes from endurance & hard work!

Address--- 30 St. Marks Pl New York, NY 10003

Reservations--- No need!

Interior--- As you can tell from the 1st picture, it's a laid-back, chill-out place

Dress code--- Casual, you can wear w/e you want except your birthday suit :P

Type of food--- Japanese food/ toppings that we know of and love + the hot dog (America's loved food next to hamburgers)

Service--- You order at the cashier and pick it up yourself. No leaving tip at the table or asking for the check. The food comes out pretty quick though!

Highlights--- The many choices of hot dogs & the fries! They're flavored nicely and crunchy.

Warnings--- The only thing is that the hot dog is a bit salty. The amount of fries is on the smaller side.

Suggestions--- If you don't know what to order, get their signature hot dog. If a restaurant doesn't have their signature down, that's a no no.

Overall experience--- To come back or to never come back...? Come back, for sure!