Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week Wrap Up With A Bow

Thank you for reading and/or coming back to my blog!

Monday, September 15
Holding onto the last bits of summer with slices & juicy mouthfuls of summery fruits

Wouldn't be a sweet start of the week without fruits, right?

Who said donuts are bad for u ;)

Tuesday, September 16
Speaking of another type of fruit, tomatoes… lots of tomatoes! Fruits we can eat all year round~

Wednesday, September 17
Took the needed break away from the internet and read & read The Catcher in the Rye.
Which book are you reading?

Thursday, September 18
From spotting a basketful of fall goodies to... 

… shelves of sausages from around the world at Fairway Market.

Friday, September 19
An early Friday dinner- spicy marinated squid & pork along with banchans (Korean side dishes)
I think one of the permanent luxuries in life is not based on buying whatever name brand of this bag to these shoes but instead, adding onto your cooking skills, cooking the food you want to eat and eating it with love one(s) in the fine comfort of your home. 

Saturday, September 20
We've been good… we've been really good with our long walks on weekly basis which I have to say I'm a little surprised. On a lazier week, it was once during the weekend whereas if it was a "Let's get going" week, it was Friday to Sunday. But mostly it was an "inbetweener", going for long walks on both Fridays & Saturdays.  

I used to think, how is walking going to shape me up? Coming from someone who preferred to do extreme exercising or nothing at all. You know, the all or nothing deal. And from ongoing long walks, I've realized walking does help in getting back to shape gradually. The sweats. The huffs and puffs from speed walking. Defined legs. A nice tan as an extra bonus. 

There would be aches in our ankles, heels, knees, the bottom of our feet & sometimes leg cramps during the night + the morning after but all are worth it. They're satisfactions of still being active even if it's just… walking. 

Sunday, September 21
These baby bananas looked exceptionally cute & yummy on Sunday. Bought them home to start off another coming new week in a fruitful way.  

Home sweet home, baby.

They say, there are some things that money can't buy.
I say, there are many things that money can't buy. 

Happy 1st day of FALL!!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

I Freakin' Hate Mondays

Spotting beautiful flowers in any community is delightfully welcoming. Putting a smile on our faces during any kind of day or a slight smile on a not so good day or a bigger smile on the already best day ever. It's the community's natural pick me ups & a way of helping out.  

Hello on this Monday, on this freakin' Monday!

Tip #19- Help when you can.

When it comes to helping out family members, friends, strangers, etc… are you the kind of person who believes it's always necessary & important to help out whenever possible? You know like those people who stretch out their helping hand with no ifs or buts & they're regarded as the most reliable, trustworthy members of the community in many peoples' eyes. 

Or are you more like the reserved person who is choosy when it comes down to you going out of the way for someone else's favor? Choosy in the type of trouble it is & for whom you are doing this for. First wondering then analyzing how is this going to affect ME, what's in it for ME, is it worth it along with remembering back on the favors this person might have done for you so far. As the final result, you make the decision to help because it is about time or perhaps the perfect time to return the favor (the strict "give and take"). 

For me, I'm a mix of both- eager to help out but also reserved by thinking 2, 3, 4 times about it. When it comes to family, friends, or people I know, I help. As long as it's not ridiculous or morally wrong, why wouldn't I be there for them? Of course sometimes I might be initially irked if the problematic situation is complicated, long & so unnecessary but it's all about showing + adding more onto the love for one another by helping. It comes from that vibrant but also soft goodness part of our hearts. 

When it's dealing with strangers though, I am reserved & skeptical because I rather not cross the line and come off too aggressive towards people I never met. You never know if they really need help or if they honestly prefer doing it themselves and/or it may look like a "helpless" situation to you but it's not for them in their case. But if there's danger & it's pretty darn obvious then helping is the only option!

A help whether it be a small one or a big one, all of them become gratifications. It's the comfortable feeling of knowing that you are part of a community, sometimes not just to one but more wherever you may be. It not only brightens up your day but also brightens up the days of those who were in need. There's nothing better than hearing earnest thank you's to "If it wasn't for you…" to "You are awesome". Your capabilities, your potential adds onto the value of you. They make you all the more special while you also made other people feel special by caring for them & helping because they're worth it. Help is the real meaning of "nice." Not the kind of "nice" that you used to describe someone half heartedly because you wanted to be… nice. Instead the "nice" with a sense of hope & a fraction of happiness in a calm & pleasant way. 

The ironic thing is when we think of help, the help we give or receive, we automatically think of them as positive things but there are actual times when they aren't. And with knowing that sometimes help is not always a good thing, some of us also get confused by people who could care less about anyone else's troubles. They would really prefer not to help. What's even more wrong is when they still don't contribute even though they were asked by someone they know especially.

When you go overboard with your helping by being nosy & butting into other people's business, that's when the help isn't considered a positive thing. You weren't asked but you go on & on thinking it will benefit the person but instead it ends up burdening the person who never asked for any help in the first place. 
It takes time & realizations I think to know what is really helping a person & what is really not. Help eventually becomes a positive thing again through continuous observations, learning from past mistakes, fighting through misconceptions and most importantly, understanding that each of us have different perceptions in what we need and want. 

As for those who hold onto their title of being selfish very strongly… it's disheartening and at times upsetting. The bottom line is, it's hard to change anyone's selfishness. That is really a personal matter which he/she can only change. Taking the time to stop ignoring, being less oblivious, picking the best batch of judgments and decreasing the amount of ME's in your life can all bring out better changes.  
Once we open up to that sense of community and we help out, it's a whole new different world. A whole new different type of happiness and meanings of encouragement & looking out for one another.  

In this wonderful community of blogging, I would love to know your thoughts on the terms of helping out =)

Have a good one~!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Let's Be Honest: That Break

Wouldn't take a break from wearing black that's for sure

Long time no…….. post! Wow.

How are you & how are things?

It's not that I decided to take that break from blogging, it's more like it ended up that way. Guess you could also call it a little summer vacation, procrastination, distraction, laziness or anything else of a break that is related to the ones just mentioned. Even though I know I only post once, not even twice at times per week. 

My excuse or more like the truths of this matter? I'm really the kind of person who really, really enjoys & loves being disconnected/not wired with the internet. I'm a strong believer of taking advantages whenever you can away from anything internet related & simply do other things for a few hours in your day. If possible, maybe even for the entire day which is hard I know in this day & age! Especially if it's the weekend for me, I shut off my laptop & put it to the side until I turn it on again the following Monday. Of course, I still check my Twitter feed & check certain websites on my cell-phone during the weekend but that's about it. 

And when it comes to posting on your blog, you hear it so many times from others that you should post when you want to & feel like it… not because someone told you to or when you really have to force yourself to post. Obviously starting any post, there has to be that force, that little push to get you going with the pictures & the words but there is a difference with the force of having to blog just because you have to and the initial force to posting because you want to. One you feel forced with no sense of fun & the other, you're having fun. And that's what I think when it comes to blogging, it should be FUN. It's not that I had any definite thoughts of quitting my blog but when you are having that break & you're so indulged in it, you do wonder should I continue on, should I make any changes, am I posting for myself or am I posting for others?. Ultimately, it's your blog & you're the boss :)

I don't think I would be a daily blogger anytime soon but who knows in the future. I will try to at least post once a week! There are going to be little changes, tweaks here & there later on. For now, the labels that you see all the way on the bottom of the page are still the ongoing themes for my blog like I Freakin' Hate Mondays, Weekly Wrap Ups, Resolutions & so forth. 

In case you didn't notice the title of this post, Let's Be Honest: That Break, it's the 1st of a new label-segment-series that I wanted to add onto the list of themes. 

Let's Be Honest will be about anything in life, both the small & big happenings. Things that pretty much everyone experienced or will experience or know of. Things that are inevitable & we live on through them. Sometimes they may be those simplest & most obvious things that are quickly forgotten & ignored but need to be occasionally reminded. Also topics that we might have on the back of our minds that we don't want to bother bringing up to talk about and yet when we do, they oddly become a sense of comfort & belonging. 

Thank you for reading, always. 
Have a splendid rest of today or beginning of today! 

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