Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week Wrap Up With A Bow

Monday, June 23
One of the things that helps me to have a pretty good start in my week is by adding plenty of fruits into my diet. 

The 1st leading bowl of cherries

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Tuesday, June 24
Watched, Jane Eyre on Netflix on Tuesday night and cried and put it on my Classics I Must Read list. 
If we were asked to recommend a movie with an unforgettable love story, some of us even I might recommend- The Notebook. It was the movie that had the biggest hype at one point & there wasn't another lovey dovey movie afterwards to top over its' craziness. To be honest, I really did not like it all. It was overly sappy in the buttery-I have goosebumps-when is this ending kind of way. (I know I know even though Ryan Gosling starred in it.) 
I am relieved now that I watched this intense love story, a story I sincerely won't forget. Something I can completely gush over & recommend.  
Although this movie version of Jane Eyre seemed choppy, missing some important parts from the book to create more of a dramatic longing… the core of Jane Eyre's love story was still amazing. PLUS, Michael Fassbender is in it who is exactly my type of actor to swoon over ;)    

Wednesday, June 25
June was when we decided to take full advantage of these summer nights. Once a week (for now), we've been going on long & I mean long walks for our well-being & soul.

Our most comfortable sneakers on & water bottles on hand, we spotted many owners & their adorable furry buddies, on & off blinking fireflies block to block, pointed out spooky looking houses & debated on taking the bus back home or not.  

Thursday, June 26
My parents, boyfriend & I attended my brother, Samuel's graduation on Thursday

I have to say that I got a little teary-eyed during the graduation. My brother & I have a pretty big age difference between us so I was literally his next responsible guardian when it came to school matters & education while my parents worked. I was his life coach & someone to give him all sorts of advice while he was growing up. I'm still this kind of figure to him now which I am grateful for. No matter how old my brother becomes, he's still the little sibling I watch over.  

Friday, June 27
This week's challenge in the kitchen was making Tiramisu from scratch! My boyfriend, Lou never fails to impress me with his cooking & now baking. 
Slices of chilled out Tiramisu & before we dusted on cocoa powder~ 

Saturday, June 28
Early rise & shine and waiting on the line at Utopia Bagels. Been craving for this exact bagel all week & finally having it during the weekend was just satisfying. A toasted sesame bagel with slices of lox + vegetable cream cheese. 

Sunday, June 29
Browsing in Barnes & Nobles is one of my favorite things to do & if it's with my "partner in reading" boyfriend, it's really my favorite way of spending our time. 
Almost done with my current read so I figured I should start working on my resolution of reading the classics. After some deliberation in between the aisles of books & with the stack of classics I had, I went with- The Catcher in the Rye as the 1st choice to begin with.     

How was your June?
I don't think I will ever stop being so surprised with how times flies. It's fascinating but also scary in the more nervous way. Nervous to finish up things that were put aside & for that fresh beginning on new things at the 1st of every month to the 1st of every week within that month. 
Even though time goes by so fast, if you really think about it, it is still 30 or 31 days a month with February as the only exception. And if you break it down like that, it's not a short time period. It's enough time to do & fix things differently than the last month or so. 

June for me was the month of changes on a personal level. Made big changes to my diet, the way I eat & what I eat during the weekdays / finding means to be active / making tweaks on priorities when it came to spending & saving $. 

Besides the personal changes, I am so glad that the temperatures weren't unbearable yet! I'm sure this will change in July though. 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Going On B..Bbb…Blind Dates

Happy middle of this week! It's almost summer soon... There'll be more lovin', summer lovin' & more love birds outside~ 

SO…? What are YOUR honest and/or experienced thoughts on blind dates?? 

Is it a waste of time, a golden opportunity, bullshit, a chance or can it be fate? And along with your answer, the most important question to ask afterwards! WHY?

I for one, greatly support the entire idea & concept of blind dates. Even though the thought & opportunity of going to one can be nerve-wracking (What, a bbb…blind date? I don't know. Maybe? We'll see? Ask me again next time. Or never, please.) and the percentage of success is pretty low (but hey, you never never know!). Because if you really break down the pros & cons of even going on blind dates or first of all being open to them, I think there are a lot more pros! 

Before I met my boyfriend, Lou which we didn't start our relationship through blind dating :) I went to only a handful of blind dates. Each one ended up being a fluke, a failure or what I like to call, 1st blind then a loss. And with these results of blind dating failures came the remorse & feeling like crap & unloved & desperate. No positive outlook or hope. Cursing the whole idea of blind dating & swearing to never go on one again. But then now or as time passed on by after each ridiculous blind date, they actually turned out to be comical stories to remember back on & share and best of all, grateful experiences. 

Out of the handful, I still vividly remember back on 2 which I think are the funniest & where I learned the most from in terms of "dating" between strangers. I am sharing them for the love of encouragement!

Blind date #1- This one was already trouble or leading to a loss. One of my close friend's friend introduced me to her classmate in college. Of course there was the exchanging of numbers so that us 2 can be the only ones in charge of when & where to meet and some light introductions of ourselves. The actual blind date was planned for the following weekend which was less than a week away and this date of mine called me every single day until then. Which is fine because speaking to each other eases the blind date in & somewhat softens the hard parts of meeting up with a stranger. BUT, he just kept talking on & on about himself. His worries in life, his aspirations for the future, stresses, pet peeves… etc. I was happy at one point that he was so open & willing to share so much of himself but then again, burdened by the fact that I never met the guy and I had to be interested in what he had to say. 
The actual blind date came & we were friendly friendly to each other. Since he spoke so much about himself the past few days over the phone, there wasn't much more to add on his part during the date. I think we both knew right at the beginning when we met, it wasn't going to work out. There was no spark, no chemistry. I was just an over the phone counselor. 
Even though we firmly knew that the date was a fail at the end, that's never the end of the ending. There are the results- how the date went, what you thought of him or her & any last hope to share amongst your friends, the ones who tried to make you 2 a couple. So, the most ridiculous & funniest part of all besides having to listen onto this guy's woes? He said it would not work out because I walked too fast for his taste & that I didn't speak enough about my life. There were other ridiculous nitpicky factors but that was that. Go figure. 

Blind date #2- No phone calls with this one before the actual date. I think we instant messaged each other or e-mailed. My quite formal date arrived looking like he literally woke up half an hour ago. Dressed in a very comfortably worn in t-shirt, ripped jeans & Birkenstocks, yes Birkenstocks. I love my Birkenstocks but come on! A 1st instant turnoff. Lack of respect in formality.
Had the most mundane & nonchalant lunch then watched a movie like you were there by yourself. 
At the end before I desperately wanted to end this extremely casual date, there were talks of him loving to stay home & play games (which I already assumed) & not firmly knowing what he was going to do with his career. He just seemed like he wanted to chill out for the time being & for who knows how long. 
It was a flat out boring, an awfully boring date. To save some time & $, it would have been more suitable to just sit at a park & attempt on getting to know each other better. At least there were the efforts of eating & watching a movie. 
And the end of the end with feedback? He said he just didn't want a girlfriend at the time. Then I wondered, why come out to a blind date in the first place. Our terms of fun & passions in life obviously did not match. 

WHY I still fully support blind dating + suggestions + the cons twisted to look more like the pros!…

- Even though the nervousness of getting ready & going to one can become unbearable & overwhelming, there's still the fun & excitement to it. The thrill & excitement of not knowing how exactly the date will turn out & if he or she may be the one. 

- You gotta put yourself out there in order for opportunities to come your way in life.  

- Didn't work out as a boyfriend/girlfriend? Then perhaps you gained a friend. This new friend might even introduce you to someone else who fits you better. 

- Feeling extremely discouraged from past failed blind dates… If it's a friend, co-worker or family member who's introducing you to a new person, think how well does this person know you and if you can trust him/her. 

- Hate the fact that blind dates feel so unnatural, artificial & just so awkward. That's the thing! It's natural & normal for any kind of 1st date to feel that way. Even with friendships that somehow gradually became relationships… the beginning stages of those friends showing their love, not in the friend kind of way for each other is awkward too! Any start to any new thing is always uneasy & awkward.

- During the dates, there are topics that you just shouldn't share at first. Like any personal matters, family situations & issues, explaining why you just can't get with anyone- using the pity card. 

- Don't be fake. You'll end up attracting the wrong person for you. Whether it be gold-digging or trying to fit into the popular crowd will lead to a more tiring, fake life.

- If you're afraid to hear criticisms & judgements from your date afterwards… who cares! Your date has absolutely no idea on who you are. Just because you answered some interview like questions during the date does not mean he/she knows you inside out. It's similar to when you go to job interviews. Does the interviewer know you 100% afterwards or vice versa? You only get to know the interviewer & interviewee a lot more if you got hired then when you have worked together in a company for years.

- Believe it or not, going to these blind dates, you learn more about yourself. What works & doesn't work for you, your wants and needs for the special person in your life, your character & style, your visions for the future… 

Thank you (always) to those who read my posts!

I would love to hear your thoughts & if you're willing to share any past experience of your own! 

Have a lovely rest of the week!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Resolution Check Off- Shhhh… Brooklyn's Secret Garden

These were actually plants! So odd. They looked like stones or wood with hand craved designs.

The Palm House inside Brooklyn Botanic where you can have your wedding~~ Checked pictures online of past weddings that were held here & they were amazingly beautiful! Especially the weddings at night! 

The last of the last from my 1st visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Not only was it an enormous breath of fresh air & a break from the ongoing, overwhelming craziness from the city… it was a place, a garden where you didn't want to overlook gifts from Mother Nature or skip any of the areas inside BBG. A serene & romantic place where you felt only content to have arrived. The ideal place to lose the track of time & allow yourself to get lost inside… letting nature take you away. 

In case you missed parts 1 & 2 of my checked off resolution!

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